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Miles and miles of golden sandy beaches, sloping gently into the sea, interrupted now and then by imposing pine-covered cliffs and bays, clear light, fresh sea air and beautiful sunsets: all this is offered by one of the most beautiful beaches of southern Europe: the Costa de la Luz.

The comfortable water temperatures - warmer than the Algarve: even in winter the temperature does not fall below 16° C – allows to swim in the Atlantic from spring to late autumn. For long walks and surfing the beaches are suitable all year round.

The next undeveloped beach - La Mangueta in Zahora - is just 2,5 miles away from the Finca, easily accessible via a dirt road.

El Palmar is in its first section of the beach a surfer's paradise, followed by a wide, mile-long bathing beach. There are beach bars and restaurants, surf schools and small shops.

In Los Caños de Meca, you will find a beautiful sandy beach with some nice bays and also restaurants, beach bars and shops.