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The garden of the Finca - nearly 11,000 m2 - is bordered on two sides by tall eucalyptus trees, Aleppo pines and wild olive trees.

The farm, originally dedicated to the fruit growing, still has got orange trees, pomegranate shrubs, quinces, figs, lemons, olives, apricots, laurel bushes, a Japanese medlar, jujube, vines, and one of the last old mulberry trees in the valley.

But here also grow real and canary date palms, hemp palms, washingtonia palms, various cacti, agaves, acacias and white cedar, reeds, bougainvillea, Arabic and yellow jasmine, plumbago, oleander, mallow and lantana, hibiscus and roses, rosemary and lavender, and many more.

All these trees, shrubs and plants transform the garden in midsummer in a fragrant, flowering, green oasis. And in late winter, the time of the orange blossom, the garden on some days lies in a exhilarating cloud of fragrance.

This lovely large garden and the still rural setting with the nearby nature reserve "La Brena" also house a variety of animals: different songbirds, such as blackbirds and nightingales, finches, wrens, warblers and swallows, robins and sparrows, black redstart, warblers, and bee-eaters, but also eagle owls, owls, tawny owls, bats, kestrels and herons.

Here live geckos and lizards, non-toxic grass snakes, storks and foxes, and with a little luck you can see a chameleon, a mongoose family or a nightjar.

Of course there are cows, horses, donkeys and goats on the surrounding pastures...